Bronycon Highlight! Everfree Rat carries Moonbutt all the way to the hotel after she arrives for the con at 3:30am on Saturday!

True story, I did piggy back her into the hotel! cuz she wasn’t able to walk under her own power…neg..neg trucks arn’t to go down two one way streets neg.

Is this just a stem / random shit blog know? I totally get it if it is Im just wondering

Eeehhh, its mostly random shit I upload because I realize I can never keep to a schedual with the shit in my life, so I draw stuff related to things in the blog. but its not gunna be a reblog blog. when I get the energy i’ll do a story thing again.

and the drawing itself.

and the drawing itself.


bunch of barbs

Could not resist drawing it.


Miss you people! ;_;

rebloggin due to significant amounts of my shaved head.

I like to call this piece “irony rat.”

I like to call this piece “irony rat.”

who is that in the black dress and red skirt? they are nice to look at. I want to know who they are.

That be Kryptchild, the mod of Glittershell! Pulls of the look better than some girls i’ve seen.

Ok, round two here we go!

Did a bit of dickery, and this makes more sense. the special power Ravenous worked more for raider ween than regular ween, who is generally harmless.

More cards to come in the future!

Bronycon pics, as by Jabbers, An everfree rat!

shitty focus on the tablet, god i miss using real cameras…BUT! We had some fun and I’ve only got a few decent ones that I wanna share!

The first Five have a story; As we were dicking around con we found the Daki table and found sev’s daki and decided it’d be hilarious to stuff it full and put it in his bed, like she was waiting for him…then we decided to all have a round just to be creepers like that.

You see that sev!? She’s like the town bicycle! a ride for everyone!

top to bottom is everyone that was in our room; Theelight just chillin, Kryptchild looking classy as fuck in his little black dress, Me, looking twice as classy,steelwolf twice the chillin, and kennith looking like “your next…”

we are classy dudes.

Following that is Krypt, giving a wild pigfish high heel training on a drunk night!

which prompted(not really) a duel beer weilding sev encounter! Sweet baby jesus! Also a sleep ware negativefage. adorable.

Bunch of peeps bought other daki’s, so we showed them off! Including the Kryptdaki!

final days meal at mediocre irish pub! huzzah!

Also..getting all up in ECMajors face.

Want more? PISS OFF, I’M DONE!